Phantasia is a privately owned domain, made available to the public on a volunteer basis as a location for fan-based organizations created for informational and entertainment purposes only. All rights regarding the Phantasia domain belong to its owner, Richard Ryley.

Access to the Internet and storage space for this domain are provided by Internet America. Phantasia is not a subsidiary of Internet America, and has paid for its services at the usual usage rates. All rights regarding the hardware used in support of this Internet domain belong to the provider. Internet America is not responsible for the content or opinions expressed here.

Usage Policies

The following document entails the privacy and usage policies for the Phantasia domain, the Patty Smyth mailing list, and the Fan Club at large:

  1. This is a free, non-profit volunteer organization. We will not charge fees for the services of this domain or its subsidiaries unless absolutely necessary for operation. Donations will be accepted, but on a purely voluntary basis, and will not be solicited. Fan items or other merchandise made available to this domain will not be sold at profit for us. Some items may be sold to improve the content of a fan club, Web page, or mailing list. In such a case, this fact will be noted.
  2. We will never sell or exchange users' names or e-mail addresses to any other party or organization, without the explicit permission of the user.
  3. We will not solicit information from users, either personal or demographic, for sale to any other party or organization. Any information provided to this domain of a personal nature, such as addresses and phone numbers, will be regarded as private, except as required for the investigation of illegal activity.
  4. This domain may accept membership information from children under 13. As stated above, this information will not be sold or distributed to any other site or person. This site is a non-commertial site, and therefore should not be subject to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, but in the case that such compliance becomes necessary, this domain will implement such compliance. In either case, this domain recommends that minors get their parent's permission before viewing any of the sites on this or any other domain.
  5. We will not seek sponsorship of any company or service in preference to any other. Sponsors may provide goods and services for sale or for free to a Web page, fan club or mailing list, but will not be given preferential treatment or exclusivity, or allowed to require fees of mailing list subscribers.
  6. Where sponsorship is necessary for the operation of a fan club, fees for membership as required by the sponsor will be allowed, but only for the cost of operation as determined by the sponsor. Membership fees charged for the fan club may also be used to improve the content of a related Web page or mailing list, but only as required to finance the content.
  7. All material posted expresses the views of the person responsible for posting the material, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Phantasia, Internet America, or any other entity associated with this domain. We do not vouch for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information posted here. Complaints about the content of material posted here should be directed to While no guarantee of action is to be inferred, we will make every effort to ensure that objectionable material does not remain on this domain.
  8. The information presented here is not to be regarded as public domain. All rights involving the content of this domain belongs to the legal owner of those rights. Fan site material posted to this domain is for informational use only, and may not be reproduced or distributed. Original material posted to this site is subject to applicable copyright laws, and the individual owners of such material may post their own rules for usage of these materials.
  9. We will not infringe upon the rights of legal copyright owners in regards to the material presented here by Phantasia or its representatives. Any content posted here may be removed upon request. Until such contact is made, however, we will in good faith assume that no copyright laws have been violated.

Mailing Lists

There are three types of mailing lists commonly used on the Internet. The first meaning of the term is, in many ways, synonymous with the term "Address Book", used by PC Mail programs, to refer to the user's list of e-mail addresses. Many commertial businesses sell their "Mailing Lists" to each other, in an attempt to increase business. Phantasia does not support this practice, and will not sell any of the e-mail addresses on any of its lists to any other party.

The second usage of the term "Mailing List" is used to refer to a program, called a "List Server", which processes mail incoming to it, and echoes it out to a list of subscribers. There are two types of this kind of Mailing List, the "closed" list, in which only the owner or owners of the list may post to it, and the "open" list, which allows submissions by anyone authorized to post to the list. All of the Mailing Lists currently on Phantasia are open lists.

At this time, no publicly accessible mailing lists are being handled by this domain. At one time a Patty Smyth mailing list was operated by this site, in combination with the Patty Smyth Web Page. This was discontinued due to issues with maintaining the list server. There are no plans at this time to support another mailing list.

The following addition information details the operating principles used in any mailing list, forum, or message board, public or private, supported by this domain now or in the future:

  1. The mailing lists on this domain are closed to foreign submission. Only registered subscribers to the list may post messages to the list. This policy is in place to prevent unauthorized use of the mailing list as a distribution list for unsolicited commertial e-mail. (Commonly known as "spam") Similarly, there is no available feature to allow external access to the names of subscribers on these mailing lists.
  2. All lists are moderated, by the owner of this domain if there is no named moderator for the list. The list moderator has the final say on the rightness and appropriateness of any topic under discussion on the list. The Patty Smyth Mailing List is currently moderated by the owner of this domain.
  3. Subscribers to a mailing list, in using this service, agree that they will not use the mailing list to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. No copyrighted material may be posted to a mailing list unless the copyright is owned by the person posting the material.
  4. It should be expected that all posts submitted to a mailing list will be echoed publicly, even to persons who are not members of the list. No guarantee of privacy is implied. Private traffic directed to this domain should be sent to the postmaster, at, or to the list moderator.
  5. While off topic messages are not encouraged, they are tolerated where there is a need for the mailing list to grow and expand. Similarly, subscribers to the mailing list should expect traffic to increase sporadically on the list. Complaints about list traffic or content should be directed privately to the list moderator. On-list criticism of posts or warnings about rules violations should be left to the list moderator.
  6. The mailing list server as currently configured performs downloads approximately every two hours, and is not connected to the Internet between downloads. This period does not include evenings, during which time the server will normally not process mail, but may be sporadically activated manually. Mail sent to this server may take considerable time to be processed.
  7. Due to limitations of the server hardware, the posting of large files, such as image or sound attachments, is discouraged where such attachments are of a prohibitive size. (More than about 100K)
  8. We are not responsible for messages lost due to hardware error or Internet outages. No guarantee of list service is implied. Users are expected to have a basic understanding of the use of mailing lists, including the contents of this document.

This document is subject to change without notice.
For more information about mailing lists, please check out the Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists Web Page. This page contains valuable information on mailing list ettiquette, and tips on how to unsubscribe from a list with a minimum of frustration for you and the other folks on the list.

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